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Shoulda Know Better - Various - R&B 4 Life Volume 5 (Vinyl)

9 thoughts on “ Shoulda Know Better - Various - R&B 4 Life Volume 5 (Vinyl)

  1. Apr 05,  · As far back as the ’50s there were 6″ and 8″ children’s stories and nursery rhymes that spun at 78rpm, sometimes on splatter or sunburst coloured vinyl. The late ’60s saw a brief fad for 4″ Pocket Discs in the States or ‘Hip Pocket Records’ as one company marketed them – minutes of music that could be carried in your.
  2. I'm just wondering if there's a scientific reason why people feel vinyl has a different sound. It's possible in a "perfect" situation (cd player and record player both hooked up to the same system with physical perfection on both the cd and vinyl) there's no difference - in which case, maybe it is the "scratching" sound or record distortions.
  3. Nov 08,  · I know there's a lot of subjectivity when it comes to what sounds better, or not, but there are some albums that objectively sound better on vinyl. My example: The Sugarcubes' "Life's Too Good". For more than a decade I was convinced that this album sounded flat and dry and was just recorded that way, after owning it on cassette and then CD.
  4. Yes I agree that different pressings sound better or worse, but I find that generally i can't tell much of a difference because my kit won't allow me to. I have family members with reasonably good systems (k worth) and on then I will certainly say i prefer vinyl, and also that certain pressings will have a .
  5. Jun 16,  · I've had limited success with the free apps available on the App Store and Google Play, and found "analog" is much better. For example, Amazon has a well-reviewed Diskeeper bullseye level for 5 .
  6. Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myres: Orange Vinyl Limited Edition Vinyl LP US $ Buy Now: Dispatched in days Alan Howarth Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers: Orange Vinyl Limited Edition Vinyl LP US $ In Stock Various Artists.
  7. What we're told: g vinyl sounds better than standard vinyl. gram is a heavier grade of vinyl that many believe coaxes a richer audio palate than lighter, standard grades. Sure, g LPs ride more smoothly on a turntable thanks to their weight, but the benefits end there.
  8. RedShark Replay: Recently there's been a resurgence in sales of vinyl records. We don't really know why. And we think we can prove that vinyl isn't better than digital. Here's how. We've spent a lot of time talking about whether film is better than video, and whether vinyl is better than digital audio.

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