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I Can See Right Thru You, Part 1 - Supercharge (2) - I Can See Right Thru You (Vinyl)

8 thoughts on “ I Can See Right Thru You, Part 1 - Supercharge (2) - I Can See Right Thru You (Vinyl)

  1. Mar 20,  · Guess that is because supercharger kits are genrally more expensive than turbo kits. While basic turbo kits can be had for $, supercharger kits start at $. Also another factor that might put off people could be the trade off between power to be gained and the power used up by the supercharger.
  2. Nov 07,  · After you take the first step, you aren’t wasting your effort on making the decision as to whether you’re ready to start, and you can focus on making forward progress toward your goal. With that in mind, here are a few ways to take that first step toward a career change, and to supercharge your career before you feel ready. 1.
  3. Oct 02,  · The sludge issue is not apparent until you pull the oil pan off. Apparently the Zetecs share talents with some of the Toyota engines that if you extend your oil changes for any reason (5, miles+) the oil will literally coke up and sludge everything. I have pics at the shop if you'd like to see .
  4. A supercharger helps force air through a vehicle's engine. The more air that goes through, the more efficient the engine. Yet if the vehicle is lagging when accelerating, getting less gas millage or leaking, it could mean the supercharger is malfunctioning -- thus affecting the engine's ability to efficiently burn a mixture of fuel and air.
  5. If your carburetor can't provide enough fuel and air, you can't take full advantage of your supercharger and you won't be able to make maximum boost. In addition to providing fuel for the motor, the carburetor also is the restriction through which air must pass to get into the blower and the motor.
  6. 1) Thoroughly review your service manual instructions. 2) Thoroughly clean the fuel rail and supercharger components. 3) Use masking tape to rnark all vacuum lines, electrical connections, fuel lines, and throttle linkages to their connecting points. A little time spent here will save a lot of aggravation during the installation process.
  7. (OK, so you tow a boat or trailer, and can logically justify the expense of a supercharger for the power gain. But we won’t tell that to anybody). Have Fun. No matter how you look at it, car modding is a great hobby. It can even get your high school kids interested in learning all the math that goes along with it. A worthwhile investment.

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