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  1. Jul 09,  · The early nineteenth century was a time when the contemplation of nature could be expected to stir profound emotions and numinous thoughts. The Times Literary Supplement ().
  2. The five-colored cloud is one of many numinous traces (lingji [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), or holy traces (shengji [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), of Manjusri and other extraordinary beings which appear repeatedly in the Mount Wutai poems. On a five-colored cloud: the Songs of Mount Wutai.
  3. THE NUMINOUS ASTRO DECK Becoming fluent in the language of astrology can be a life’s work, and The Numinous Astro Deck is a colorful, user-friendly tool for every student. A companion book explains how to use the 45 illustrated cards to interpret birth charts, and as an oracle deck for divination.
  4. adjective Of or relating to a numen; supernatural. Filled with or characterized by a sense of a supernatural presence: a numinous place.
  5. The shape of The Numinous is designed to be a versatile powder ski in the way that it can be set on rail through long carves while still allowing the tails to slide at will and butter with the best of them. Even though this is a powder and backcountry ski, that doesn’t .
  6. NUMINOUS Meaning: "divine, spiritual, of or pertaining to a numen," s, from Latin numen (genitive numinis) "divine See definitions of numinous.
  7. A freethinker with a long-smoldering yen for the numinous, she pursues her quarry in the most prosaic of liminal locales: in screened porches, hospital corridors, on public transport, in doorways, stairwells, and the rooms of a dislocated childhood.
  8. man’s experience of the “numinous” (a mysterious, majestic presence inspiring dread and fascination), which Otto, a German theologian and historian of religions, claimed, could not be derived from anything other than an a priori sacred reality. Other scholars who used the notion of sacred as an important interpretive term.

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